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LawnBott FAQ
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General LawnBott Questions

Q. How much wire and pegs do I need for my lawn?

Generally speaking you will need about 500 feet of wire and 200 pegs for every 1/4 of an acre.
Check out our  Easy Shop LawnBott Bundles.

Q. Does the LawnBott robotic lawn mower really work?

Yes and it does so very well. The LawnBott lawn mower mows the lawn differently than how a human will. Think of it as a nibbler. The LawnBott robotic lawn mower quietly mows every inch of your yard from various angles. Currently, you are probably mowing the yard once per week or once every other week. The LawnBott can mow every day - maintaining a trimmed look . The result: Your lawn will look freshly mowed all the time! Lawn experts recommend never to mow more than 1/3rd the height of the grass at one time. In order for you to accomplish that, you'll have to mow more than once per week. Plus, since the clippings are smaller, they fall in the soil for quicker decomposition into a natural fertilizer. After using the LawnBott robotic lawn mower, you'll never mow the old way again.

Try the LawnBott on a trial basis.  Ask us about our 30-day LawnBott Risk-Free trial.

Q. Can LawnBott mow tall grass?

Yes, it can but is NOT recommended.  Mowing tall grass constantly will wear out the blade and its motor.   Also, it is not good for your lawn.  If you need to mow tall grass, do so with a regular lawn mower prior to using a robot mower.

Q. Is robotic lawn mower right for me?
Here is your checklist:
  • I know how to read manuals.
  • I like robotic products.
  • I pass Math class.
  • I love science.
  • I use email in regular basis.
  • I do not mind spending 1 -2 days for robot installation.
  • I am a handy man.  (It is a big plus but is not required.)
  • I do not have 30+ degree slope.
  • I do not need to mow narrow passage of my lawn that is less than 56 inches.
  • I have fences in my yard, but I do not mind to move the robot to mow other areas if needed.
Q. How does LawnBott know where it is going?

A thin wire is pegged around the perimeter of your yard and around obstacles that are lower than 4 inches high. This wire connects to the charging base. The LawnBott charging base duals as a transmitter, which sends a low voltage signal around the wire. The LawnBott can "see" this signal with great accuracy - even in total darkness. To mow, it backs out of its charging station, follows the wire to specific parts of your yard (front yard, back yard, side and so on) then mows inside that zone. Once it's done or the batteries are low, it follows the wire back to the charging base while trimming the border to self-charge. The LawnBott LB300EL, LB200EL and LB85EL robotic lawn mowers can have 4 different mowing zones, and the LawnBott LB75DX can do 3 different mowing zones. If you need help setting up the LawnBott, please let us know. We'll be more than glad to set up your zones free of charge.

Q. What happens to the clippings?

The LawnBott robotic lawn mower is a dedicated mulching system, and the healthiest way to manage clippings for your lawn. The LawnBott blade mulches your grass at 3000-4000 RPM without creating wind speed. The result is more effective mulching than most conventional lawn mowers, leaving smaller clippings that disappear into the roots of the grass. These smaller clippings provide for quick decomposition into a natural fertilizer for your lawn. There is absolutely no need to collect the clippings.

Q. How often should I replace my LawnBott blade?

The manufacture recommends replacing the blade once a year. Since LawnBott blades are thinner than regular lawn mower blades, they stay sharp longer than regular lawn mowers. Also, the cut quality is a lot cleaner than regular lawn mower blades even when the LawnBott blades are dull! By using the LawnBott, your grass will be healthier.

Q. I want to talk to a live person.  Can I call you?
Yes.  Please call toll-free at 888-483-0063.  We are open 7 days a week for our customers.  Email support in the weekends.
Q. What payment options do I have?

You can order online via PayPal shopping cart or place your order over the phone at (888) 483 0063.  We can also send an invoice to your email address in which will lead to a one-click secure order page.  We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Q. When will I receive my order?

Most orders ship within 24 - 72 hours via ground delivery.  If your order is placed over the weekend, it will ship on Monday.  A tracking number will be provided as soon as it becomes available.  Air shipping is available upon request for additional cost.

Q. I live in Hawaii, can I get free shipping?
Free shipping is only available within the 48 states.  Please contact us for more information.

Q. Now that I have placed my order, do you have any tips or advice outside of what is on your website and the manual that you can share?

Yes. We include our exclusive Tips and Advice Guide with every automatic mower we sell.  These tips were developed from years of experience and customer input.  Also, we are just an email or a phone call away.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Q. If I have problems with my LawnBott, how can I get support?

We are the support experts. If you purchased your LawnBott from us and you have a problem with your LawnBott, please email or call us immediately.  Many problems can be diagnosed and fixed over the phone: (205) 201 1268 or email.  In any events, you are fully covered under warranty (both parts and labor) for two years after purchase.

Q. Do you sell used LawnBott robotic lawn mowers?

Yes, we occasionally have used robotic lawn mowers available.  Click here for details.

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Q. Is the set up difficult to install the LawnBott and how long will it take?

The set up is quite easy, involving staking a wire down to the perimeter of your lawn. The most difficult part is determining where to place the docking station and how to section off the yard into zones if necessary. offer this service free of charge to all our customers. Within our layout recommendations, we share many years of expertise from hundreds of different yards that will ensure the best mowing efficiency as well as your satisfaction with the lawn mower. In addition to drawing wire layout recommendations, can walk you through the setup process and answer any questions step by step over the phone or through email. There are no dumb questions. In order for us to assist with your yard layout, please sketch a drawing of your yard. (It doesn't have to be perfect.) Just be sure to include your house, driveway, pool, landscaping, sheds, power outlet(s), trees, hills and approximate dimensions. The average LawnBott installation up will take approximately 2 to 5 hours depending on the complexity of your yard.

Q. Do I have to bury the LawnBott perimeter wire?

No, in fact most people simply stake it down to the lawn, at the ground level. The LawnBott pegs (also called stakes) hold wire down to the ground. Your grass will completely conceal it within a couple of weeks. You may bury your LawnBott perimeter wire up to 2 inches deep if you desire but you want to make sure the wire placement is exactly where you want it before you bury.  If you have hard grounds, snapping off the ends can shorten the LawnBott pegs and you can drive them in at an angle. You can also water the lawn prior to installing to soften the ground.

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Q. I need to join two wires. Could I just twist the two wire ends together?

Twisting the two wire ends together will work temporarily. But later, moisture will cause the connection to corrode. This will result in a wire disconnected / no signal error. After twisting the wires together, please seal it.  We recommend using Scotch 23 tape or any water/moisture proof connection. (Tip: You could use regular wire nuts, then seal off the open end with silicon sealant.)

Q. How do I know the LawnBott will work for my yard?

Most yards are suitable for the LawnBott. If you're unsure if a robot lawn mower will work in your yard, simply describe your lawn to us. We at stand behind our products before and after the sale. If we determine that your lawn is within manufacture specs (most are), we will invite you to use our LawnBott 30-day trial that ensures you get a robot lawnmower that not only works, but you're happy with! You can email us at

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Q. I have trees and other obstacles in my lawn.  How will it work with them?

Trees or other areas within the lawn that should not be accessible to the LawnBott are handled in one of two ways. If the object is rigid and at least 4 inches tall, the lawn mower gently bumps into them. The bumper sensors will detect the small impact and cause the LawnBott lawn mower to change direction. Other areas, like a flowerbed or swimming pool, are excluded from the cutting area by using the same wire as installed on the perimeter. The object is simply looped out during installation of the perimeter wire allowing the mower full access around the obstacle, but keeping it out of the area excluded.

Q. What about slopes?

Chances are if a slope is currently being cut safely with a walk-behind lawn mower or a riding lawn mower, the LawnBott robot lawn mower will handle it fine. In fact, the LawnBott can handle some slopes that are not considered safe to walk behind a push mower.  All our LawnBott models below can handle up to 25 to 28 degree slopes.

  1.  LawnBott LB300EL Robotic Lawn Mower
  2.  LawnBott LB200EL Robotic Lawn Mower
  3.  LawnBott LB75DX Robotic Lawn Mower
  4.  LawnBott LB3510 Robotic Lawn Mower
  5.  LawnBott Evolution LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower
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Q. How do I know what degree my slope is?
  • The simple way: send us photos of your slope (preferable from several different angles) and we can eyeball it.
  • You could also download Angle finding apps for Android or Apple store and then lay your smartphone or tablet on the slope. The app will give you a precise measurement.
  • The mathematical way: first, you will need a scientific calculator.  Then measure the length of the hill and measure height from the level ground.  Use the formula HERE to calculate your slope.
  • Other ways - You can buy a simple tool called Angle Finder, for less than $10. This company sells them: for $5 + shipping.
  • But the easiest way is to send us photos. We have been "eyeballing" slopes from photos for years and have not gotten it wrong yet.
Q. How long will a LawnBott take to mow my lawn?

The LawnBott robotic lawn mower could mow your grass everyday, all by itself. Total time will depend on size of yard, the terrain, obstacles and also on the model chosen. Remember, your LawnBott will cut your within the timeframes you choose, any time day or night. The advanced models can monitor how fast or slow your grass is growing then modify its schedule accordingly. Since you are free to spend this time elsewhere, it is truly a timesaving product. Each LawnBott has whisper quiet motors and you can barely hear them standing within 12-25 feet while it's running.

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Q. Will the LawnBott move from my front yard to my back yard without my help?

Yes. Though it can't climb fences or stairs, once set up, LawnBott will navigate from each zone by following the perimeter wire. The LawnBott LB300EL and LB200EL robot mowers only need a pass through of about 31 inches. In our perimeter wire suggestions, we clearly illustrate how to lay the wire (and the distances) so that the mower will go to your front yard from your back yard or from your side yards without getting lost - even if it's a wide open space. Once setup, your whole yard can be mowed without any human intervention.

Q. The back yard is fully enclosed with a fence; do I need to wire it?

The LawnBott can mow without perimeter wire given the area is completely enclosed and there are not any objects below 4 inches high. Flowerbeds, mulch beds, and pools, etc will need to have at least a 4 inch high solid border around them in order to run without perimeter wire. We recommend wiring the yard even if you meet the requirements, but there's an option within the menus to run without perimeter wire. The LawnBott LB1200, on the other hand is specifically designed to run without perimeter wire. If you really do not want to lay wire, it is worth taking a look at the LawnBott LB1200. Even if your lawn is larger than the 7,500 square feet recommendation of the LB1200 Spyder, you can use multiple units to mow your lawn.

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Q. Is there way to protect the wire from being cut by a trimmer or an edger?

Since LawnBott perimeter wire is about 14" - 16" inches from solid objects and several inches from edges, it's mostly safe from trimmers and edgers. However, the wire can be covered at areas you suspect you may cut it by using a few pegs closely, touching one another. The pegs heads will create a relatively good protection for a string trimmer. If you use a metal blade edger, it is recommended to bury the wire at 3 inches deep where the wire may intersect its path. (Usually sidewalks) It is also recommended to mark the sidewalk edge with paint, so you know to be careful and raise the edger blade or avoid this area altogether.


Q. What is the longest wire I could connect to charging base?

The limit is about 2000 feet. By using the optional signal booster you could go beyond 3000 feet of perimeter wire. If you have a very large yard, multiple LawnBott lawn mowers can be used. Please contact us for details.


Q. Can adjacent neighbors use their LawnBott at the same time?

Yes they could, however one of your robotic lawn mowers will need to be set up using Channel A and the other Channel B. Please contact us for details.

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Q. How does LawnBott work, and how does LawnBott know where it is going?

A small wire is pegged to the ground around the perimeter of your lawn, a similar type of technology that invisible pet containment systems use. This is a one-time setup and takes 3 or more hours. This wire will virtually disappear from sight in two to three weeks in normal growing conditions. This wire forms the virtual fence for the LawnBott, containing it to the area you are mowing.

Q. Will the LawnBott recognize toys or objects left on the lawn?

If the object is taller than 4 inches and heavy enough, the LawnBott will bump into it and recognize it as an obstacle. Keep mind that small objects like toys and etc may be cut or damaged by the blades.

Q. Is the mowing height of the LawnBott adjustable?
Yes.  LawnBott LB300EL and LB200EL: 0.75 to 3 inches..
LawnBott LB85EL and LB75DX: 0.75 to 2.8 inches.
LawnBott LB1200: 2.75 to 3.5 inches.
Q. Can I sharpen the LawnBott lawn mower blades?

It is recommended to replace the LawnBott robotic lawn mower blades rather than sharpening them. Once a season is a good time to replace it or when dull. Sharpening the blades will reduce their balance, which will increase mower noise, vibrations and can lead to damaging the mowing motors.

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Safety Related FAQs

Q. Is the LawnBott safe?  I'm worried about it running when I am not around.

The fact that the LawnBott mows by itself without the presence of the operator makes it the safest way to mow. However, you need to decide if running un-attended is right for your situation or not.

LawnBott robotic lawn mowers are the only robotic lawnmowers accepted by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission.)

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the top two injuries from walk behind lawn mowers are from thrown objects and from feet slipping under the mower. It is their opinion, and our experience as well, that simply separating the operator from the mower will dramatically reduce these injuries. Additionally, the safety sensors to detect bumping into an object, blade guard, sensors to detect a lift of the cutting deck, and a lift handle (LawnBott LB3510 & LB1200 Spyder only) that stops the blade when touched by a human all add in significant safety measures and systems to the user, far above that found on conventional walk mowers today.

Q. Is the LawnBott lawn mower safe for pets being around it?

At first pets will stare at it. A uniquely brave and curious pet that will let the LawnBott bump into it will not get harmed. But they soon tend to ignore it and stay out of the way. What's interesting is that with many of our customers, the LawnBott actually becomes another pet and gets a name as well.

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Q. What if the LawnBott goes outside of the perimeter wire?
The LawnBott robotic lawn mower will not function outside of the perimeter wire. If for some reason it penetrates the border or cut the wire, it will shut down immediately.
Q. Theft - If I cut my lawn while I am away or at night, I'm afraid it will be stolen.

The LawnBott includes a theft deterrent system, which enables you to select a personal code that must be entered for each use. The LawnBott is totally useless to anyone else without the code. Want a peace of mind? You can also add a GPS tracker unit to locate your LawnBott. The LawnBott is very quiet, so it will attract little attention when running unattended, plus you can schedule your mow times during the night or day - whichever you feel safe. While theft of our personal property is an unfortunate aspect of our daily lives, we have seen no trend for theft of the LawnBott. Many passer-byer's will think that someone is near by controlling it with a remote. However, in the worse case scenario, theft of property is usually covered in your homeowner's insurance.

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Q. Water Resistance - Does rain or water hurt the LawnBott robot lawnmower?

Not at all; however, lawn-care experts will tell you that it's not healthy for the lawn to be mowed while it's raining.  Each LawnBott robot lawn mower (except the LawnBott LB1200) has rain sensors built in. The LawnBott lawn mower will return to its charging garage automatically when it detects rain. The sensitively level to rain is adjustable. The LawnBott rain sensor can be set to delay the next mowing session, or can be set to pause future operation until you press a button on the back to resume. The rain sensor can be disabled if desired.

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Q. How long does the LawnBott take to charge between mowing sessions?

It takes about 1 - 8 hours to charge. The LawnBott robotic lawn mower is a hard worker and can mow two sessions per day - seven days a week.

Q. Winter Charging - How do I charge LawnBott during the winter?

It is recommended to purchase the winter recharge kit. Another option would be to bring the charging garage inside and charge. Try to keep the batteries charged. Disconnecting them for long periods of time will eventually drain the charge because of the smart chip inside.

Q. Power pack Longevity - What is the life of the power pack?

When properly maintained, you can expect to have 4 to 5 years for lithium batteries. We have customers reported their lithium batteries lasted as long as 8 years.


Q. Charging Costs - What is the cost of electricity to recharge the power pack & power the perimeter wire?

Assuming you use the LawnBott robotic lawn mower every single day, the average cost of electricity to recharge the power pack and power the perimeter wire is approximately $7.00-$11.00 a year. Compare that to gas, oil, air filters, spark plugs, pollution and so on. With the LawnBott, simply replace the blade once a year and the batteries once ever 5 years or when they no longer hold a charge. Simplicity at its best!

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Warranty Related FAQs


Q. What is the warranty and how long will the LawnBott lawn mower last?  How do I make a warranty claim?

The standard warranty is 24 months parts and labor for the mower, 12 months for the lithium battery. The manufacture suggests the LawnBott will last about 8 - 10 years.  However, since all parts are user replaceable, the lawn mower will last forever. Also, by servicing your own LawnBott, you will not void the warranty. The LawnBott was designed with the intent of the customer making their own repairs with common household tools - and it is very easy to repair.  For instance, replacing a wheel motor only takes about 10-20 minutes from start to finish. However, if you prefer to have us repair it, we will gladly do so.  If you have any problems or need to make a warranty claim, please let us know as soon as possible. We know what it is like to be without a lawn mower and we respond VERY quickly to any issues that may arise.

Q. Can I use non-LawnBott perimeter wire?

To protect your warranty, we recommend only purchasing LawnBott approved perimeter wire.  Kyodo has informed all dealers that many customers who do not use LawnBott approved wire has experienced intermitted signal related problems with their LawnBott.   IMPORTANT: Kyodo America (US distributor) is not going to honor warranty claims on signal related issues on yards with non-LawnBott approved wire.  We only sell LawnBott approved wire.


Q. Out of Warranty: Can I still have it serviced out of warranty or if purchased from an unauthorized seller?

Yes. If you have any problems or need to make a warranty claim, please let us know. We know what it's like to be without a mower and we respond VERY quickly to any issues that may arise whether you're in warranty or out. We are a full service dealer.

Q. Dog Fence - Will LawnBott work with an invisible dog fence?

The LawnBott will work without interfering with most invisible fences. However, if there is a problem, we have several solutions that should work around it. If you are concerned about interference, please contact us before purchasing.

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Q. Can a LawnBott Evolution LB3210 mower be upgraded to a higher model?

All LawnBott models are upgradeable via the internet free of charge by an optional upgrade cable. We usually do not recommend upgrading the mower unless there is a particular new feature that you desire - or you think you may benefit from the upgrade. Please contact us to download the latest software patch - and to learn what is included in the latest update. The LB3210 can hold a maximum of 2 batteries to expand its coverage area and to push more power to the blade for thicker grass.

Also available is a new chassis, which include notched wheels, bigger, and more powerful wheel motors.

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LawnBott Lawn Mower Maintenance

Q. Can I wash LawnBott like I used to wash my walk-behind lawn mower?

No. Though the LawnBott is rain proof, pressure from the hose can enter and cause damage. The LawnBott can be cleaned using a wet cloth.


Q. I learned over the years to power hose my walk-behind lawn mower deck for preventing corrosion, won't the LawnBott deck corrode if I will not wash it regularly?

No it will not corrode. It's made of a very rugged plastic that doesn't clog with grass.

Q. Cut wire - Is there a simple way to find a break in the perimeter wire?

Sure there is. First, inspect areas along the LawnBott perimeter wire where you have just done some work on, such as digging, planting etc. Second, get in touch with our customer support and we will send you instructions of how to find the break in the wire.
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