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LawnBott LB200EL Robotic Lawn Mower
The LawnBott LB200EL is discontinued.
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NewLawnBott LB200EL Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Robomow vs LawnBott

    The LawnBott LB200EL robot lawn mower is second in line to the flagship LawnBott LB300EL.  It comes with 2 versions this year: LawnBott LB200EL+ and LawnBott LB200EL. The only difference is that LawnBott LB200EL+ automatic lawnmower comes with  an extra lithium battery.  Complete with brushless motors, adaptive programming, bluetooth app, covered charging garage and almost all of the features of the flagship LB300EL, this superb electric lawnmower is not to be overlooked.

    Coverage Area (LawnBott LB200EL+ vs LawnBott LB200EL)

    • The LawnBott LB200EL+ (formerly LB200EL) robotic lawn mower can manage up to 38,000 square feet of lawn (~ one acre lot) divided in up to 4 fully automated zones.  The LB200EL+ will run up to 6 hours on one charge. Once the battery is low, the robot lawnmower will automatically return to the charger.  Then, recharge for about 4.5 hours and return to the lawn according to how you schedule it. The LB200EL+ robotic lawn mower will run a maximum of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • The LawnBott LB200EL automatic lawn mower can manage up to 33,000 square feet of lawn (~ one acre lot) divided in up to 4 fully automated zones.  The LB200EL robot lawnmower will run up to 3 hours per charge, then recharge for about 3 hours and return to the lawn according to how you schedule it.  The LB200EL can also run a maximum of 12 hours a day and 7 days a week automatically.

    25-Degree Slopes27-Degree Slopes
    The wheels on the LB200EL are designed for various terrains and are safe to use on non-grass surfaces such as sidewalks, and driveways, etc. LawnBott LB200EL robotic lawn mower can handle up to 25-degree slopes.

    4 Areas Automatically Managed
    LawnBott LB200EL can cover up to 4 mowing zones automatically with 3 user set entry points. (The docking zone cannot be adjusted.) Zones are sections of your lawn. For example: your front yard can be one zone. Your side yard could be another zone and backyard a zone. In many yards the front and side areas can be combined into one zone depending on the size and yard configuration. LawnBott LB200EL will follow the perimeter wire until it reaches the desired zone then mow inside. After it completes mowing, the lawn mower robot follows the wire back to the docking station to charge.

    FREE LawnBott installation plan
    We gladly illustrate how to install your perimeter wire completely free of charge for all our customers.

    Direction Control
    LawnBott LB200EL uses on board technology to keep direction when mowing hills. This feature is useful for lawns with hills or slopes because it keeps the lawn mower on its intended course which results in your lawn being completed quicker.

    NewCube 3D for Direction Control (optional)
    Cube 3D - Direction ControlOptional Cube 3D Compass is a module consisting of three 3D sensors: magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, which allow the LawnBott LB200EL to precisely mow in a straight line particularly when mowing slopes and hills. Cube 3D is LawnBott's most advanced direction control technology for mowing hills and slopes faster.  Click here to purchase.

    Cube 3D - Direction Control

    Brushless Wheel and Blade Motors
    One great advantage of brushless motors is longevity. The main wear and tear items on robotic lawnmowers are the motors. The manufacturer states that brushless motors can last up to 8 times longer than standard brushed motors. However, brushless motors are more than just a motor upgrade. Advantages of brushless motors include:

    • All motors are estimated to last up to 8 times longer than the regular motors
    • The mainboard is (improved with better communication between the mainboard and the motors
    • The new mainboard software / hardware is "smarter" with improved slope/hill management, increased sensitivity to bumps and more
    • The brushless motors are quieter than the regular motors
    • Blade modulation speeds are improved
    • Brushless motors use less power

    NewAndroid / iOS Apps
    The LawnBott app allows you to control your lawn mower from your smartphone. From the app, you can use your LawnBott as a remote control lawn mower within the mowing perimeter area.
    Bluetooh Remote Control App

    NewSMS Feature (optional)
    The optional LawnBott SMS feature sends notifications and alerts directly to your cell phone. Once the SIM card is installed in your LawnBott, you can receive notifications, status and error messages to up to two phone numbers.  Click here to purchase.

    Adaptive Automatic Programming
    LawnBott LB200EL robotic lawn mower learns as it mows your grass. When Adaptive Automatic Programming is enabled, it will eventually modify it is mowing schedule to adapt to how your grass is growing. For example, during peak growing season, LawnBott LB200EL will start spending more time cutting your grass. However, as grass growth slows, you will notice the robotic lawn mower skipping mowing sessions... it is not lazy. It is smart!

    CPSC Accepted - August 21, 2008US Consumer Product Safety Commission Accepted
    LawnBott are the only robotic lawn mowers that have been accepted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

    Bump Sensors
    Bump sensors are activated when the LawnBott gently encounters an object such as a tree, wall, or any object over 4 inches high. This feature protects the mower as well as objects that may be on the lawn.

    Smart Spiral Mode
    When LawnBott LB200EL encounters a section of thick or high grass, it automatically concentrates in this area, mowing in a spiral. This feature allows the robot mower to ensure the lawn is cut evenly. LawnBott robotic lawn mower will spend more time in areas of the lawn that grow faster than the rest.

    Rain Sensor
    LawnBott LB200EL is equipped with a rain sensor. When the LawnBott senses rain, it will automatically stop the blade and return to its docking station. The rain sensor could be set to have the robotic lawn mower stay in the dock until you restart it. The rain sensor can be disabled via the User Menu.

    Lithium Batteries
    LawnBott lithium batteries weigh about 2 pounds each. These user replaceable batteries do not have a memory and have a computer chip inside to ensure they meet the 4 to 5 years life expectancy of the battery. A single lithium battery can power the LawnBott LB200EL about 6 hours on a single charge and it only takes about 5 to 6 hours to recharge. Quick recharge time allow this robotic lawn mower to mow up 12 hours in one day!

    Quiet Lawn Mowing
    LawnBott LB200EL lawn mower can barely be heard standing 20 feet directly away from it. That is because this robotic lawn mower uses quiet brushless motors designed specifically for LawnBott. LawnBott uses Motor-to-wheel technology is very reliable, very quiet and yet more than powerful enough to handle steep slopes. Nighttime grass cutting is a huge advantage for robotic lawn mowers.

    Firmware upgradeable over internet - Free
    LawnBott LB200EL firmware can be upgraded completely free of charge by connecting the robotic lawn mower to a computer that is connected to the internet. You receive a free USB upgrade cable ( exclusive) when you purchase a LawnBott from us.

    Longer Life Span than Riding Lawn Mowers & Push Lawn Mowers
    LawnBott robotic lawn mowers are low maintenance when compared to traditional alternatives.  Think long-term: the LawnBott LB75DX has a predicted lifespan of 8 - 10 years.  Since it is user serviceable and easy to repair, it could last as long as you want it to.

    Every LawnBott robotic lawn mower has a two-year manufacturer backed warranty. Extended warranties are available. The warranty covers the whole robot, parts and labor (except for the cutting blade and cosmetic light bulb). Lithium batteries have a 1 year warranty. Shipping is covered to and from your front door for the first 90 days for warranty repair issues. is factory trained and authorized for diagnosing, repairing and servicing your LawnBott in or out of warranty. We are open 7 days a week and most holidays for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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    LawnBott LB200EL Specifications

    Coverage Grass 38,000 sq.ft. (LB200EL+) or 33,000 sq.ft. (LB200EL)
    Lot Size Up to 1 acre
    Autonomous Mowing Zones 4
    Mower Size (L x W x H) 22 x 16 x 10 inches
    Weight with Battery 35 pounds (LB200EL+) or 32 pounds (LB200EL)
    Cutting Disc 4 blades (Revisible)
    Cutting Width 12 inches
    Cutting Height 0.75 - 3 inches
    Cutting Speed 100 feet per minute
    Average Working Time 6 hours (LB200EL+) or 3 hours (LB200EL)
    Charging Time 4.5 hours (LB200EL+) or 3 hours (LB200EL)
    Lithium Battery Ion 13 Ah (LB200EL+) or Ion 6.9 Ah (LB200EL)
    Hill Capability 25 degrees
    Auto Recharge Yes
    Auto Programming Yes
    Rain Sensor Yes
    Drive System 2WD
    Software Update by Internet Yes
    Alarm No
    Brushless Blade
    and Wheel Motors
    Cube 3D Board Optional Upgrade
    Bluetooth App Board Yes
    Remote Control Optional (via LawnBott App on smartphone devices)
    SMS Optional (Sends text notification - up to two numbers)

    What is in the LB200EL box

    1. LawnBott LB200EL 10. Power Supply
    2. Keypad 11. Charging Station with Cover
    3. Rain Sensor 12. Perimeter Signal Transmitter
    4. Lithium Battery 13. User Manual
    5. Handle 14. Unlimited Support*
    6. Blade (reversible) 15. Our exclusive USB Upgrade Cable*
    7. 500 feet Perimeter Wire* 16. Our exclusive Tips & Advice Guide*
    8. 200 Pegs 17. Customized Perimeter Wire Installation Plan*
    9. Power Cable
      *Included only when you order from

    Inside LB200EL Box

    Recommended add-on Accessories:
  • Transformer Cover: A must-have for protecting the transmitter & charger from water
  • Additional LawnBott Pegs (about 300 Pegs per 500 feet. of Wire)
  • LawnBott Wire (500 feet per 1/4 acre)
  • Additional LawnBott Blade
  • LawnBott Winter Charge Kit

  • LawnBott LB200EL User Manual and Installation Course

    LawnBott LB3510 Manual LawnBott LB200EL Operating Manual
    LawnBott LB3500 Installation Course LawnBott LB200EL Installation Course
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