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LawnBott LB3510 Lawn Mower Review

An in-depth robotic lawn mower review

he LawnBott LB3510 & LawnBott LB3550 is Zucchetti's most advanced robotic lawn mower. Currently, there are five different LawnBott models in the US:

LawnBott (also known as Ambrogio) has been imported from Italy to the US since 2005.  LawnBott robotic lawn mowers have been sold in Europe for over 10 years with more than 100,000 in-use units worldwide so far.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 Box vs LawnBott LB3210 BoxThe following is an in-depth review of the final-release LawnBott LB3510.  Last updated on April 3, 2014.

The dimensions of the LawnBott LB3510 box are 36 inches x 32 inches x 15 inches, which is larger than the other LawnBott models. A box within a box - All accessories packed quite securely next to the LawnBott, which is in a separate box. The LawnBott LB3510 is surrounded with molded Styrofoam that does a great job protecting the lawn mower during shipping. The box is labeled “Fragile” but it is packed well enough to withstand not so fragile treatment.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 in the box

LawnBott Accessories and Parts

What is in the box:
LawnBott Review - Inside the Box of LawnBott LB3510
  • Charging base
  • Perimeter signal transmitter
  • Power supply (Battery charger)
  • Disturbance filter
  • 660 ft. wire
  • 200 pegs
  • Manual in English
  • Warranty card and certificate
  • LawnBott installation DVD
  • Our exclusive USB upgrade cable*
  • Exclusive tips and advice guide*
*This guide and cable are included only when you order from

Charging Base
If robotic lawn mowers are new to you, the charging base is where the mower goes “home” to charge. The LawnBott LB3510 charging base is more sturdy and heavier than the LawnBott Evolution (LB3210) and LawnBott Professional (LB2150) charging base, which comes to my surprise because the previous models are covered. The charging base is heavy enough that strong wind would not cause it to move even if it were not staked to the ground. It is secured to the ground by the same pegs used for the perimeter wire. The base is weatherproof and is meant to stay outside all the time, even during the winter months.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott Charging Base

Cosmetically, the round corners of the base fit the contour of the LawnBott LB3510 quite nicely, but I would have preferred it in green to match the color of the LawnBott.

The charging contacts are mounted under the rim and are wide enough to leave several inches of play. The charging base is attached to a 30-foot long cable, which connects to the perimeter wire transmitter.

Unlike the LB3210 Evolution & LB2150 Professional, the LB3510 charging base is not covered but does not need to be. However, in development are several designer cover options that disguise the base to look like a rock, doghouse or a green high-tech cover.

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LawnBott Perimeter Wire Signal Transmitter
LawnBott Review - LawnBott Perimeter Wire Signal TransmitterThe sinusoidal transmitter is about 4 inches long. This little device is responsible for sending a low voltage signal around the perimeter wire. While mowing, the LawnBott is “listening” for the signal at all times. If the LawnBott is out mowing and the signal is interrupted, the mower will stop immediately. If the signal resumes, the mower will automatically continue. The transmitter can power up to 2,000 feet of perimeter wire, which is plenty for most yards. An optional signal booster can be added to power over 3,000 ft of wire. The transmitter connects directly to the wire from the charging base.

Disturbance Filter
LawnBott Disturbance FilterThe LawnBott LB3510/50 come with a disturbance filter. The filter reduces possible interference with dog fences and AM radios.

LawnBott Power Supply (Battery Charger)
LawnBott Review - LawnBott Power SupplyThe power supply (also called the transformer) reminds me of the Robomower fast charger. It connects into the perimeter signal transmitter.

The LawnBott will cost only $7-11 per year in electricity to charge the mower and power the perimeter wire. This is a fraction of what you would pay in gas every year for gas powered lawn mowers.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott Transmitter and Power SupplyLawnBott Transformer CoverTransmitter, Disturbance filter and Power Supply are not waterproof - These are the only items that must be kept dry. If you have a covered porch, garage, a crawl space or a utility shed these items can be kept there. If the transmitter and power supply must be kept outside, you can purchase the optional transformer cover (diagram on the right). The transformer cover itself fits the power supply, disturbance filter, sinusoidal transmitter and their wires perfectly. It can be mounted on a wall or fence.

LawnBott Perimeter Wire
LawnBott Review - LawnBott Perimeter WireThe LawnBott LB3510 comes with a 660 ft roll of perimeter wire, which is enough to cover about a quarter of an acre. Prepare to use about 500 ft of wire for every quarter acre of yard – you may need more or less depending on how many obstacles you run wire around. LawnBott perimeter wire is designed to stay outside all year round. Installation is a one-time event. An important note from Kyodo, the US LawnBott distributor (the guys who honor the warranty): To protect your warranty, only use genuine LawnBott perimeter wire. Your warranty will be in jeopardy if you use non-LawnBott wire even if it is purchased from a dealer. You'll be rest assured that if you purchase your LawnBott and wire from us, you are getting genuine LawnBott Perimeter Wire.

LawnBott Pegs
LawnBott Review - LawnBott PegThe LawnBott LB3510 comes with a bag of 200 plastic pegs. These pegs hold the perimeter wire and charging base to the ground. The end of the peg can be snapped off to shorten the length. At first I thought this was a useless “feature” until I tried nailing them into my hard clay soil. It did not take long before I was snapping off the ends as soon as I took them out of the bag. LawnBott pegs serve their purpose very well but I would have liked the area around the head to be firmer. I broke several peg heads while nailing them in the ground. Here is some advice – if your ground is very hard, use water to moisten the soil. I went through about 200 pegs per 500 ft of wire. If you stake the wire down, grass (and their roots) will completely conceal it. It usually takes about 2 - 3 weeks for grass to hide the wire.

Manuals and Other Pack-ins
The English manual is poorly translated but is a must read. It is packed with illustrations to help you along the way. You can download it here. (The online version is in color but the printed version is in black and white.) The units within the manual are metric so it helps if you have a metric tape measure or a conversion calculator handy.

Upon reading the print manual, I immediately saw some of the menu items were slightly different than the mower itself. One great feature about the LawnBott LB3510 is you can connect a cable from the lawn mower to your computer to update the firmware over the internet free of charge. Updated mowers may have some differences than what's in the printed manual.

Taped to the outside of the box is a package that contains a DVD and warranty cards. The installation footage of the DVD requires you to fast forward past the beginning. The installation video is quite informative. Not only does it show someone installing the mower, but  there is footage of how to raise the blade height which I think is a nice bonus.

The mower and charging base comes fully assembled, but it is required to charge the battery for at least 12 hours before the first run.

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LawnBott LB3500 Appearance and Design Review

It is quite obvious that a lot of thought went into designing the outer appearance of the LawnBott LB3510. It reminds me of an Italian sports car. It is one thing to look at photos, but it is entirely different to see the real thing in person. The photos don’t do it much justice.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3510

The LawnBott LB3510 is 26 inches long, 19 wide and 11 inches high. The low profile of this robotic lawn mower ensures it will mow under hedges. The 19” width is less than most push lawn mowers and a lot less than riding mowers. The narrow width means it can reach more areas of the yard. The more areas it can reach, the less trimming. But do not let the small size fool you. The LawnBott LB3510 can mow more than 1-acre lawns and the LawnBott LB3550 can mow 2-acre lawns. Multiple units can be installed for 3+ acre lawns.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3510

The outer shell not only looks good, but its primary functions are to keep water out, withstand bumps from objects, and protect the insides – all in which it does very well. The plastic may look fragile from photos, but believe me – it is as tough and rugged as a lawn mower should be. Since the LawnBott will be outside most of the time, the shell is designed to withstand UV from the sun and is fade resistant. I have to admit the glossy finish concerned me until it bumped into our concrete wall. Much to my surprise, it did not leave a scratch. Is it scratch resistant too? 

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 Dume Nuts

On top of the LawnBott LB3510 are 3 dome nuts, which can be removed by hand to access the 360-degree bump sensors. The two-rear dome nuts dual as charging contacts. The orange arrows are for looks and do not seem to serve any other purpose.

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Brushless Wheel and Blade Motors (optional)
New for 2012 are LB3510 and LB3550 brushless models. Current LB3510 owners (Or LB3500 owners) can upgrade their mower to brushless motors.

The main advantage for having brushless motors is longevity. As you've probably figured out by now, the main wear and tear items on robotic lawnmowers are the motors. We are told by the manufacture that brushless motors will last up to 8 times longer than the regular motors. Why does this make a difference? The LawnBott LB3510 can run around 4 hours on a charge, twice a day and 7 days a week if need be. If you have a larger lawn, brushless motors can make a HUGE impact on longevity of your LawnBott before having to replace motors.

The brushless motors are more than just a motor change. Here is a summary of advantages for brushless motors:

  • Motors estimated to last up to 8 times longer than the regular motors
  • The mainboard is improved --- there is more communication going on between the mainboard and the motors than before.
  • The new mainboard software/hardware is "smarter" for better slope management, increased sensitivity to bumps and more
  • The brushless motors are just a tad bit quieter than the regular motors.
  • Blade modulation speeds have been tweaked
  • Brushless motors use less power

LawnBott Rain Sensor
LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 Rain SensorThe adjustable rain sensor consists of two probes on the back of the mower. Adjustments can be made by simply turning one of the probes with an allen wrench. The closer the probes are – the more sensitive to rain. This is a brilliant and simple design.

The mower's response to rain can be set via the menu, which include: ignoring rain, resuming after rain or wait until the owner resumes future sessions.

In our test, the rain sensor worked wonderful. Within moments of rainfall, the mower stops the blade and immediately goes back to the charging base. The display will read “RAIN” until several hours after the rain has cleared, which turned out to be just enough time to allow the grass to dry. I found the default setting to be perfect.

LB3510 Direction Control
The LB3510 uses an inclinometer to control direction. Without direction control, the lawn mower tended to drift (particular when climbing at an angle) and will spend more time at lower points in the yard. This resulted in the robot mower taking a little longer to complete the yard. If a large part of your lawn is sloped, I'd recommend buying the LawnBott LB3510 over the other models to take advantage of this benefit.

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LawnBott User Interface
The keypad is completely sealed. There is no chance of water getting inside the keypad.LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 User Interface

The backlit 2-line display interface is user friendly and big enough to read while standing. LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 LCD screenI had no problems with navigating and finding options on the menu because it is straightforward. The primary buttons are the three centered directly under the LCD screen. Up arrow and down arrows change the values and the Enter button advances to the next option.

Emergency Stop - Shuts down the mower immediately

OnPower Button
OffTurns off the LawnBott
Start / PausePause is standby mode. Start is for manually starting the mower.
ChargeSends the mower back to the charging base or forces a session

- Scrolls through options
+ Scrolls through options
Entermake selection and advance to next menu

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LawnBott Touch Sensitive Handle
When the handle is touched, the blade stops turning.

In our test, the handle sensor worked as promised. Not only does the blade motor shut off, but the blade actually stops spinning in less than two seconds. After a few seconds, the mower will stop and emit warning beeps before it restarts the blade. We discuss this and other safety features in more detail in the Safety section of this review.

LawnBott Wide Notched Wheels
LB3500 Notched Wheels LB3500 with Spiked Wheels LB3510 Wide Notched Wheels

The wide notched wheels have been redesigned in 2010.  The new LawnBott wheel is designed to improved traction over the previous generation models.  On surfaces that are sloped, inclined and has minor dips and holes, the wide notched wheels did an excellent job.  The wider wheel seems to grip the lawn a lot better than the previous design. The wheels are great for traveling across driveways, sidewalks, rocks, asphalt and more.  Spiked wheels are not available for the LB3510 and LB3550 possibly because the wheels are too wide to fit them!  According to the manufacture, these wheels do not need them and from our test we found it to be true so far.

NewLawnBott Super Spiked Wheel Set
L300 Super Spiked WheelsLawnBott LB3510 super spiked wheels are introduced in Spring of 2014.  A set of two optional metal spiked wheels paired with double hooked wheels for better traction. These super spiked wheels raise cutting height a little. Therefore, two spacers are required to add on your docking station.  All these items come in a kit for easy installation.
Click here to order your super spiked wheels kit today

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A Look Inside the LawnBott LB3510
The LawnBott is fully electric and the parts are at the top of their class. After many years of continued use, the mower wouldn’t need much repair if any at all. But that didn't’t stop LawnBott from designing the LB3510 easy enough for the end-user to replace parts.  To open the LawnBott LB3510's cover, simply loosen the two screws underneath the front by hand.

Upon looking inside, you will notice how simple the mower is designed and how easy it is to access the parts. The chassis is surprisingly very sturdy and thick.

The major parts are: two wheel motors, one mowing blade motor, main board, and three obstacle sensors.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 InsideThe 360 degree obstacle sensors (on the right) consist of three disc centered by springs. When the shell is moved, these sensors trigger a switch. Once triggered, the mower will stop, reverse then go in another direction.

The only tools needed for a complete rebuild are allen wrench set, screw driver, adjustable wrench and maybe a pair of pliers. Special tools are not required to service the unit.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 Inside

LB3500 - Image on the left:
A. Double lithium battery
B. Braces for additional batteries (LB3550)
C. Mowing motor
D. Perimeter Wire sensor
E. 360 Degree Obstacle sensor boards
G. Blade height adjustment wrench

LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 Inside

Image on the right:
1. Drive motors
2. Main board (the brain)

The LawnBott LB3510 has room for 2 additional lithium batteries that expand coverage to 2 acres – the LB3550.  The brackets (B) are in place and pre-wired for easy addition of the extra batteries. If you order the LawnBott LB3550 from, these batteries will come pre-installed.

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LawnBott Installation Review

Installing the Lawnbot LB3510 (or any robotic lawn mower that requires perimeter wire) requires a little planning up front. It’s best to draw somewhat of a map of your property and where you’d like the wire to go. Since the wire will be powered by a single source, you may have to get a little tricky to wire areas not connected. (If you send us your property diagram, will draw the best wire placement free of charge.)

Installing the docking base
The first step is putting down the docking base. It’s best to locate the docking base in the largest area; no longer than 30 feet from a plug.

The manual instructs to leave about 6 and half-foot clearance behind the base and to space the docking base several inches from the wall. I broke both these rules with no problems at all.

Installing Perimeter Wire
If you have an idea of where to lay the wire, installing the perimeter wire is no big deal. It’s recommended to connect one end of the wire to the dock base, and then start working clockwise around the lawn, pegging and pulling the wire as you go.

The pegs worked great until I reached sections of the yard in which the soil was very hard as described earlier. The hard clay soil broke a few pegs thus forcing me to shorten the length. After that didn’t work, I went for the hosepipe, which worked like a charm. You can use a screwdriver to “pre-drill” holes as an alternative.

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Scheduling the LawnBott
The LawnBott LB3510 schedule is not exactly what you might think. Sure, you could set it to mow Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9pm-10pm and that will work fine. But to take better advantage of the auto-programming feature, it’s best to give your LawnBott a wide window of operation. For example, the default time window of operation is set from 8:30am – 10:30pm, Monday – Sunday. This means the mower will come out (or not) anytime during this timeframe depending on when your lawn needs to be mowed – yes it knows when.

LawnBott Review - LawnBott Work Schedule LawnBott Review - LawnBott Work Schedule

Many averaged size yards (depending on how quickly your grass grows) will not need to be mowed every single day and surely without such a wide operating window, but it’s great to have the flexibility. The LawnBott can have two different time windows with about 4 hours separating them to recharge. Fast recharge times come in handy for very large lawns.

Setting the schedule is very simple and straightforward. If you have multiple areas, the mower will ask what percentage size the areas are in contrast to the rest of the lawn. It’ll also ask how far it needs to travel the perimeter (either direction) before it arrives in those locations. Once that’s done, the mower figures the rest out on its own. It only takes about two minutes to setup the mower.

To keep the LawnBott confined to each area without “leaking” may require creating a virtual gate with the perimeter wire in which is invisible to the eye, but very visible to the mower. We explain this in detail inside our exclusive Tips and Advice Guide that ships with every mower we sell.

In our test, the regular LawnBott LB3510 ran over five and half hours on a single charge, which I think is extremely impressive. Since the LawnBott can run twice a day, it could mow about 10 hours per day, every day of the week. And that’s without the additional batteries found in the LB3550. The LB3550 can run over 7 hours on a single charge... that's over 14 hours in a day.

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Auto Programming
The LawnBott LB3510 has a feature called “Auto-Setup” which is enabled by default, but could be turned off. Here is an explanation of how this wonderful feature works: When the mower is cutting grass, it will sense how high or low the lawn is by resistance against the blade. The LawnBott uses this information, plus several other aspects to determine how long and how often it needs to mow the lawn to keep it looking its best. Once the LawnBott has “learned” your grass, it will adjust it is schedule (within your time window) to minimize the amount of time it spends mowing.

In other words, if your lawn hits a slow growing period due to drought or other reasons, you will notice the mower spending less time mowing. However, if the grass starts to grow rapidly, the mower will automatically maximize the amount of time it spends out mowing.

In our test the auto programming feature worked impressively well. This feature solidifies the LawnBott's independence and ability to manage the yard all season long without human help.

The first run
Once the wire is secured to the ground, connected to the base and plugged in, I put the LawnBott in the charging base then pressed the Start button to manually start it. Immediately it reversed a couple feet, turned right, paused to sync with the perimeter wire signal. Within a second it powered up the blade and off into the yard it went!

The LawnBott LB3510 managed to cut the perimeter wire a few times where it wasn’t pegged down properly. When the LawnBott LB3510 severed the wire, it reverses about a foot then stops with “No Signal” displayed on the LCD. It waits for the signal to come back before doing anything else. Upon repairing the wire, the mower proceeds mowing automatically.

After a few wire adjustments and cut wire repairs, the installation was complete. The LawnBott LB3510 is very good at finding its way back into the docking station after each session – too bad I can’t say the same for my Roomba’s self-docking ability. We’ll cover how it mows next.

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LawnBott Field Test and Mowing Quality Review

It is fun to discuss the high tech bells and whistles of the LawnBott LB3510, but at the end of the day what matters most is how well it mows the lawn and its ability to do so without your help.

Is it powerful enough?
The LawnBott was designed to maintain a “just mowed” appearance all grass types including weeds. Since it can mow daily, the probability of the lawn getting out of hand is very slim. However, in real world situations, sometimes the lawn can get slightly out of hand – especially in climates where there’s lots of rain. Therefore, we decided to test the mower in some more challenging conditions. Here are the results:

High grass: The manufacture recommends not to mow lawns over 4 inches high. That goes for the LawnBott and all other robotic lawn mowers, but in our test the LawnBott LB3510 had no problem mowing grass nearly twice that high. As soon as the blade went over the higher grass, the motors thrust at full throttle and had no problems what so ever. On medium grass the motor would increase at just the right amount of power to get the job done.

Overall the LawnBott LB3510 performed very well on medium and high grass. To be honest, this part of the test didn’t surprise me because the other LawnBott models can handle high grass quite well too. Though it is not recommended to mow high grass, it is nice to know that the LawnBott can handle it.

Twigs & small branches: Most yards with large trees have more than their share of twigs.  Therefore, we decided to see how the LawnBott LB3510 would handle twigs, pinecones and small branches. As soon as the blade hit the first twig, the motor speed increased by just the right amount and had no problems chopping them. Again, this part of the test didn’t surprise me because the previous LawnBott models could handle twigs and pine cones very well too. Although the LawnBott can chop twigs and small branches without any problems, if you’re going to mow them on a regular basis, it is a good idea to inspect the blade more frequently than normal. Also because the LawnBott is a lot quieter than gas lawn mowers, the sound of twigs being pulverized can be quite entertaining.

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DO NOT try the following two tests at home:

12-inch+ high grass: To challenge it even further I aimed it at a section of very high grass (actually weed/grass mixture). Much to my surprise the electric motor performed better than I expected. It plowed through the high stuff almost as if it was slicing butter. The mulching quality on 12-inch+ grass wasn’t up to par, but I didn’t see clumps of grass building up either. The mowing motor in the LawnBott LB3510 is more powerful than the previous LawnBott models.

Big Rocks: I have to admit I wasn’t planning on allowing the mower to run over a big rock, but somehow it managed to find one before I picked it up. Much to my surprise it pulverized it quite well. Upon inspecting the blade, there was no significant damage – just a minor nick. Perhaps I was lucky with the blade this time, but we recommend clearing rocks that are within blade reach. Also the mower did not throw any debris more than just a few inches from the mowing deck. Had a gas-powered mower hit the same rock, it would have thrown it several feet and would have been a lot more dangerous.

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Cut Quality
LawnBott Review - Lawnbott LB3500 Cut QualityBecause the mower covers every inch in the yard from several different angles, the final result of the lawn seems to look better than that of traditional lawn mower. Perhaps this is due to the smaller clippings, sharper/thinner blade, varying mowing angles, the fact I did not have to lift a finger to mow or a combination of them all.

The LawnBott doesn’t create wind speed. Therefore it does not blow grass all over the place. This eliminates the need to rake or tidy up the driveway and sidewalk after mowing.

Initially there were some wheel marks on the lawn, but they quickly disappeared. The end result is an evenly mowed yard with no noticeable missed spots. I’m extremely impressed with the cut quality of the LawnBott and I’m unsure how anyone cannot be.

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Handling Multiple AreasLawnBott Review - Handling Multiple Areas
The LawnBott can automatically manage up to 4 different areas of the yard separately. If more areas are needed, some can be combined. For example, the front and side yards can be considered as one area. As an alternative, you can manually place the mower in closed off areas, which is great for fenced or tiered lawns.

The LawnBott automatically leaves the charging base then centers itself on the perimeter wire. It follows the perimeter wire until it reaches the designated area of the yard before it starts mowing inside.

One neat bonus is you do not have to “baby sit” the perimeter wire. I placed my hosepipe dispenser about 8 feet behind the dock – just to see what will happen. Sure enough the mower bumped into it, reversed then formed a half circle around the dispenser and into the charging garage it went. It’s great to know you don’t have to “baby sit” the perimeter wire for objects, toys and so on.

A new feature that separates the LawnBott LB3510 from the previous models is that can follow the perimeter wire in both directions to access areas of the yard faster.

Another great new feature is that if the LawnBott LB3510 finishes one area before the batteries are low, it’ll automatically move to another area, which is a very smart use of the extra time.

The mower’s LCD displays percentage of its progress. For example, for a yard it hasn’t spent much time in, it will display it’s progress as 0% complete. This is part of the Auto-Programming feature discussed earlier.

We found that the LawnBott LB3510 does an outstanding job at managing each area of the lawn.

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Missed spots?
Years ago, I thought random mowing will not yield good results for mowing grass. I thought the best way for a machine to mow is with a pattern – like how our Robomower mows. But even the first generation LawnBott proved me to be very wrong. Randomly mowing is truly an effective way to cover every single inch of small, medium, large and very large lawns. Random mowing is also a great to mow lawns with many trees and obstacles – which can sometimes be a problem for the Robomower.

The LawnBott performed so well in our test that we didn’t find any noticeable missed spots at first and second glance. But after closely inspecting the yard, I managed to find a spot the LawnBott LB3510 missed. The LawnBott took care of that spot very next time it went out – almost as if it knew it was there. If you have a large lawn, do not expect the mower to cover entire lawn in a single run. Since LawnBott can mow twice a day, 7 days a week - the whole lawn will get covered.

Smart Spiral Mode (High Grass Detection)
LawnBott Review - LawnBott Smart Spiral Mode (High Grass Detection)If the LawnBott LB3510 runs across fairly high grass, two things happen. First the blade picks up speed that is noticeable to the ear. Second, the mower will turn into a tight circular spiral until it no longer senses the high grass. In our test this worked extremely well. My only complaint is I found that sometimes the spiral mode ended sooner than I thought it should. However, the mower eventually found those spots in subsequent passes.

Another observation about spiral mode – If you have sections of your yard that grow faster than the rest, the mower will automatically spend more time in these areas due to the spiraling action.

We are very impressed with Smart Spiral mode.  Click here to see LawnBott LB3510 video in smart spiral mode.

Hills & Slopes
The LawnBott LB3510 is rated to handle 30-degree slopes.  We tested the mower in slopes at about 32 degrees and didn’t have any problems. As with previous models of LawnBott, the limitation of slopes has to do with the mower not being able to stop quickly enough while traveling downhill. Therefore if your perimeter wire is directly at the bottom of the slope, you do not want to exceed 30 degrees. In our test, the LB3510 performed as advertised.

Overall impression of mowing
We are extremely impressed with the mowing quality and mowing ability of the LawnBott LB3510.

The LawnBott is truly a lawn mower replacement and is an independent, hard worker that gets the job done. Because it mows frequently, the lawn always look as if it were just mowed.

As with any lawn mower, you will still need to occasionally trim around solid objects with a string trimmer, but areas around sidewalks and driveways will get trimmed if you position the perimeter wire close enough.

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LawnBott LB3510 Feature Reviews

LawnBott Safety Review
The LawnBott line of robotic lawn mowers are the only automatic lawn mowers that have been accepted by the CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission.)

As of April 2008, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided to create standards that are even stricter than European standards. The LawnBott LB3510 is the first LawnBott mower to receive approval from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  It easily passed their test.

The blade guard essentially covers the blade from above which will greatly reduces the potential for harm being caused by the blade. The LB3510 is the first robotic lawn mower to incorporate a “touch” handle. The handle remind me of touch lamps. For example, when the handle is touched, the blade stops spinning in less than a second.  Therefore, before you can lift the mower off the ground, the blade has already stopped turning!

The LawnBott LB3510 has a tilt sensor. If the mower is lifted or flips over, the blade will stop in about a second.

In our test, all safety mechanisms in the LB3510 worked as promised and surpassed our expectations.  Of course you would still want to exercise normal safety practices, which include not operating the mower when people (especially children) are present on the lawn. We find that night mowing is a big plus when it comes to that aspect.

In summary, the LawnBott LB3510 robot mower is a lot safer than a traditional lawnmower. Everyday there are hundreds of emergency room visits caused from traditional lawn mowers.  By eliminating the human, you dramatically reduce the chances of injury.

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LawnBott Bluetooth (coming soon)
The LawnBott LB3510 is the first robotic lawn mower that allows you to control and program it through your Bluetooth compatible cell phone - if you are in Europe.

The US version of the LB3510 is bluetooth equipped, but unfortunately US cell phone carriers put restraints on their phone which renders bluetooth toothless for most of us in the US. In the future, a dedicated Bluetooth remote control will become available for the LB3510. However, if you must have your bluetooth now, please let us know and we can make some arrangements to get you a European cell phone.

With Bluetooth, you can control the movements of the mower and modify the schedule without bending down to scroll through menus. It’s a nice bonus but definitely not a “must have” feature especially since it only takes two minutes to setup your LawnBott using the mower's interface. However by using Bluetooth, you could modify the working schedule from inside your home given the mower is within rage of your device's bluetooth capabilities which is about 30 feet for most phones.

The LawnBott Evolution LB3210 comes with a radio frequency remote.  However we found that most of these remotes ended up in the garage or in a drawer somewhere rarely (if ever) used. I suspect the same will be the case with Bluetooth once the “newness” wears off. The mower is independent enough to take care of the lawn all by itself.

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LawnBott Quiet Mowing
Another advantage of the LawnBott is how quiet it mows. It is so quiet; it can run at night without disturbing you or your neighbors.  In our test, the LawnBott LB3510 can barely be heard at all standing directly 20 feet away from it.

That is not to say its whisper quiet all the time. The LawnBott LB3510 is louder when the blade is at full throttle for very high grass.  Even when the blade motor is at full throttle, we found the LawnBott LB3510 is quiet enough to run at night, next to the bedroom window without disturbing one's sleep. The loudest moments also occur when chopping up twigs – you hear the metal blade is chopping them up. 

There is no chance nearby neighbors will be disturbed. Overall the LawnBott is extremely quiet for a lawn mower.  We really love the night mowing ability.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

  • Big buttons and simple user interface for quick and easy setup
  • Most advanced mainboard and software
  • Large, wide heavy duty notched wheels for excellent traction
  • 14” cutting path
  • Advanced safety features - CPSC accepted
  • Automatic handling of multiple areas
  • Smooth anti-clog underside – no grass build-ups
  • Overly powerful mowing and drive motors
  • Brushless motor option
  • Automatic programming feature very useful – It knows when to mow
  • Can mow without perimeter wire
  • Mows and charges automatically – it really works!
  • Lawn always looks wonderful
  • Works great in small and large yards
  • Works great on all grass types including thick lawns
  • One-time installation can take several hours
  • Doesn’t come with enough wire and pegs for yards over a quarter acre
  • Heavier than the LawnBott Evolution LB3210
  • US cell phone carriers rendered Bluetooth toothless (Unless you use a Euro phone)
  • Perimeter wire transmitter, disturbance filter and power supply aren’t weather proof
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The LawnBott LB3510 & LB3550 is hailed as the most sophisticated household robotic mower on the market today. It improves over the LawnBott Evolution LB3210 in many ways.

If you want the best, the LB3510 is the smartest choice.  Not only is it the most flexible robotic mower available, but it is easy to use, works on all grass types and on most lawns – small and large.

Installation is simple enough that anyone can do it. But to make it easier, we have compiled an exclusive list of tips and advice that is not found in the manual. When using our Tips and Advice guide and our illustrated perimeter wire plan, you can install your LawnBott like an experienced professional.

The bottom line: We are very impressed with the LawnBott LB3510 robotic lawn mower. From time to time, a customer will ask which is our favorite robotic lawn mower. Our favorite is the LawnBott LB3510. It has all the bells and whistles, and is the most powerful and flexible robotic mower available today. Only time will tell if it will last the estimated 8 – 10 years of trouble-free life, but judging from how sturdy it is built and how well the previous generation LawnBotts are holding up, it will be no surprise to us if it easily exceeds 10 years. Also, since it is so easy to repair, this LawnBott will last forever.

Congratulations for a bot well done.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to purchase the LawnBott LB3510 robotic lawn mower, please feel free to contact us.  Why buy from us?

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