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LawnBott Professional LB2110 LB2150 Review
LawnBott Review LawnBott LB3510 Review
LawnBott Review LawnBott Evolution LB3210 Review
LawnBott Review LawnBott Professional LB2150 Review
LawnBott Review LawnBott SpyderEVO LB1500 Review
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LawnBott Professional LB2150 Review

A robotic lawn mower review

In this in-depth review of the LawnBott LB2150, we reveal more information about this automatic lawn mower than anywhere else.  UPDATED on January 23, 2012.

LawnBott LB2110 Professional with covered docking station

If your lot is less than 3/4 an acre (up to 25,000 sq ft of lawn), cost is a big concern and you are comparing the traditional riding lawn mowers: John Deere, Snapper, Toro, Cub Cadet and etc - look no further.  The LawnBott LB2150 might be exactly what you are looking for.

With the introduction of the LB1500 SpyderEVO, it is safe to say that the LB2150 has graduated from being an entry-level automower. The LawnBott LB2150 is packed with many of the features found in the higher end LawnBott mowers.  In fact, the major internal parts on the LawnBott LB2150 are identical to the LawnBott LB3210 / LB3250. 

When compared to the LawnBott LB3210, missing characteristics of the LB2150 can be summarized in 6 points: 

  1. Mow times max out at 6 hours per day due to a software limitation
    (slightly over 3/4 acre lots or up to 25,000 sq ft of grass)
  2. The exterior looks plain.
  3. Maximum of 3 zones instead of 4
  4. No alarm on board
  5. No remote control
  6. Does not adapt its mowing schedule to how quickly or slowly your lawn grows (i.e. simply sticks to the schedule you set)

Besides the points above, you can expect the LB2150 to mow your lawn just as good as the LawnBott LB3210 / LB3250 and LB3510 / LB3550. In fact, I could end this review right here because beyond the points above, our LawnBott LB3210 review will do - almost.

In my opinion, the LawnBott LB2150 is the best “budget based” choice when compared to all robotic lawn mowers on the market. If you were to compare it to riding lawn mowers, lawn services and most push mowers it will pay for itself within the first two or three years of ownership which explains why it is one of our top sellers. Simply put, when it comes to overall upkeep, maintenance cost and repair cost the LB2150 edges them all out in the long run and keeps going and going – or shall I say mowing and mowing.  Also when compared to other robotic lawn mowers on the market, the LB2150 simply edges them all out.

Compare LawnBott and Robomower in sizes LawnBott LB2150 Robotic Lawn Mower is powered by Lithium Batteries

  • Reduced weight allows it to mow 27 degree slopes
  • Life expectancy of lithium batteries are two to three times longer than lead acid batteries.
  • Lithium batteries do not have a memory.
  • Total weight of the mower is 28 pounds which is slightly over one-third the weight of a Robomower RL2000.
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LawnBott Accessories and Parts

The dimensions of the LawnBott LB2150 box is 29 x 24 x 14 inches.  Previously, the LawnBott was only protected by sheets of cardboard. The packaging of the mower has greatly improved over the years. The LawnBott is now protected in pre-molded foam with accessories neatly packed along the outside. Kudos to Zucchetti for continuing to improve their mowers... including how they are packaged.

LawnBott Packaging LawnBott LB2150 Professional in the box

What is in the box:
LawnBott Review - Inside LawnBott Professional Box
  • Covered charging base
  • 500 ft. of LawnBott perimeter wire
  • 200 pegs
  • Perimeter signal transmitter
  • Installation ruler
  • Power supply
  • Printed manual (multilingual)
  • LawnBott DVD installation video
  • Our exclusive USB upgrade cable*
  • Exclusive tips and advice guide*
*This guide and USB cable are included only when you order from

Since the accessories are identical across the LawnBott brand of lawn mowers, you can refer to our LawnBott LB3510 review for reviews on pack-in accessories parts that come with this LawnBott.

LawnBott LB2110 Professional - Rain SensorCovered Charging Base
The charging hut for the LawnBott LB2150 is green and is similar to that of the LB3210. So far the LawnBott is the only brand that offers fully covered charging.  However, a covered charging garage is more cosmetic than anything else as these mowers are designed to stay out all the time and rain will not harm the lawn mower.

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Design & Appearance Review

LawnBott LB3210 / LawnBott LB3250

In my opinion, the LawnBott Professional LB2150 looks "okay". It is not the best looking robot mower on the market.  In fact, it looks plain when it compares to the rest of LawnBott models.  But don’t be deceived by the look.  The appearance of this LawnBott is its weakest feature.

LawnBott LB3210 / LawnBott LB3250

Rain Sensor
LawnBott LB2110 Professional - Rain SensorThe LB2150 is equipped with an adjustable rain sensor.  This sensor can be adjusted by turning one of the probes.  Within the menu you can set how you want the robot to respond to rain.  The settings allow you to ignore rain, go to base during rain then resume once it stops, or go to base and wait for users to resume sessions. 

The rain sensor works just as perfect as the other LawnBott models.

The interface of the LawnBott LB2150 consists of a two line LCD and a hand full of buttons.LawnBott Review - LawnBott LB3500 User Interface
ONPower Button
OFFTurns off the LawnBott
START / PAUSEPause is standby mode. Start is for manually starting the mower.

CHARGESends the mower back to the charging base or forces a session

-  ARROW DOWN: Scrolls through options
+ ARROW UP: Scrolls through options
( ENTER ): make selection and advance to next menu
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LawnBott LB2110 Professional - Rain SensorLawnBott Wheels, Motors and Chassis
The chassis of the LawnBott LB2150 is similar to that of LawnBott LB3210 and LB3250.  You may need to add an additional battery for St Augustine lawns because this lawnmower is a lightweight. 
LawnBott Spiked Wheels (optional)
Optional spiked wheels give the LawnBott an advantage over most robotic lawn mowers. LawnBott lawn mowers are the most flexible in offering options and add-ons to help the mower adapt to your lawn. When fitted with spiked wheels, the LB2150 improves its maneuverability on slopes, lawns will holes and damp grass for those of us who tend to "not" mow when the lawn is covered with dew.

Look inside the LawnBott LB2150
The interior of this robot lawn mower can be accessed by removing the two dome nuts and plastic transparent covering.

LawnBott LB3210 Rain Sensor

A - Lithium battery
B - Slot for lead acid battery (LB2110) or extra lithium
C - Mowing motor
D - Perimeter Wire sensor
E - Bump sensor micro switches
F - Blade motor
G - Main board (enclosed)

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Install reviewLawnBott LB2110 Professional - Rain Sensor

Installing the LB2150 robotic lawn mower is no different than installing the other LawnBott automowers. You’d want to map out a plan for wire placement…something we help you with for free of charge when you order from us. Click here to get a free installation plan. Next, start out by connecting the wire to one of the connectors on the base. Then continue staking wire down around the lawn without overlapping. Finish the loop by connect it to the other connector. On small lawns installation can be completed in a couple hours. On lawns that are closer to half acre it could take several hours.

Scheduling your LawnBott
Since scheduling this LawnBott Professional lawn mower works similar to the other LawnBotts, you can read more about the scheduling in our LawnBott LB3510 review.

First Run
Like the other LawnBotts, the mow quality is superb. It simply follows the schedule that you setup. For example, if you want your LawnBott to mow your grass from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) - it will do just that. If it is raining or the batteries are low, the mower will override the schedule.

The motors in the LawnBott Professional LB2150 are identical to those in the LawnBott Evolution series.  Since they are so similar, you can refer to our LawnBott LB3210 and LB3250 review for complete field test results.

Smart Spiral mode
When the lawn mower finds high grass, it will automatically spiral in a tight circular motion, working its way outward similar to the iRobot Roomba spot cleaning mode.

Hills and Slopes 
The LawnBott LB2150 can handle up to 27 degree slopes. In our test, it mowed hills as good as the LawnBott LB3210. 

Multiple zones 
The LB2150 automower has two user controlled entry points along with the docking entry point (3 zones).  I personally prefer robotic lawn mowers to allow for four zones, but having three is not a deal breaker by any means.  Since the LB2150 lawn mower is narrow, it is easy to combine zones without worrying whether or not the mower finds all the areas.

CPSC AcceptedRobotic Lawn Mower Safety
When it comes to safety, the LawnBott LB2150 is equal to the LawnBott Evolution LB3210 and LB3250. Equipped with a blade guard and tilt sensors, this mower passes CPSC standards for robotic lawn mowers.

Quiet Mowing 
The LB2150 robotic lawn mowers is quiet and can barely be heard when standing just 15 feet away from them. In our test, this automatic lawnmower mowed during night hours without disturbing our neighbors.  In fact, you cannot hear it indoors unless it is very close to a window.

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Summary and Final Thoughts

  • Affordable fully featured LawnBott
  • Compact size
  • Been on the market internationally for over 10 years
  • According to our repair records, this lawn mower is literately the best in reliability
  • Mows equally as good as the top end LawnBott lawn mowers
  • Same quality parts found in higher end LawnBott mowers
  • VERY nice step up from the LawnBott LB1500 SypderEVO
  • Docking station must be placed in the largest zone
  • Can only automatically manage 3 zones

In summary, the LawnBott LB2150 raises the bar for robot mowers.  If you are in the market for a robotic mower because you want to save time and money, you may not need to look beyond the LawnBott LB2150.

Kudos to Zucchetti for not skimping back on quality for this reasonably priced fully automatic lawn mower.

Clint Dawson
(888) 483 0063

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